Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who Needs 10 Fingers??

I finally was able to finish the sanding in the dining room and the foyer closet this weekend and get them primed. Just to make this more challenging, it appears I broke my finger when snaking out the main drain. The first day I used the machine, I hadn't used one that size before - it's got some fight to it. Wearing rubber gloves, when that snake would start to wind, it would want to grab the glove and get wrapped into it. I had a few close calls, then finally that SOB grabbed on good wrapping the glove completely in till my fingers got jammed. Now to add to the problem, the motor had to come to a complete stop in order to be reversed... so when I grabbed the switch and tried to reverse it, the machine just kept on snaking my hand. Finally shut the machine off, then had to try and untangle the glove and get my hand free. It pinched two fingers pretty good. Well they looked ugly for a few days, but then the bruising went away, but not the swelling on one of them. Things subsided a bit till unloading the new windows I smacked it and disturbed something. By now the swelling hadn't come down in over a week and when moved a certain way - curses fly right out of my mouth! I'm no doctor, but I'd say it's broke. It's not the first time, so I didn't bother sitting at the hospital for 5 hours just to get a splint and a doc telling me to lay off the hand for a few weeks - yea right.... a little thing like a busted finger won't keep me from pushing ahead. Bought a $5 splint and good as new - though cutting-in while painting is not as good, at least now I have an excuse for the wavy lines.

I bought the leaded windows for the foyer and the porch columns came today. I also finished the template for the wrap around window seat in the Dining Room. Next will be painted Dining Room pics.

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