Sunday, July 27, 2008

Side Two Finished

It's been a hot struggle with temps normally in the 90's - but the siding is now up on the second side of the house. Once I was above the roof line, installation was pretty routine. I ended up continuing around to the first window on the front of the house. That pretty much means the front is 1/3 done too.

I still have to do the soffit which needs some supports installed first and some rot damage repaired on the rafter tails. Then it will be a final paint on everything and I can finally wipe my hands of this side. I really need to take down the scaffolding soon so I can finish the landscaping....

Which lead me to the other project I've been dabbling at. I've been working on the landscaping on this side of the house as well. I bought a book for northeast plants and some landscaping ideas and eventually came up with a plan. I am by no means a garden expert, but i knew I didn't want just the same old plants you see every year at the local HD. The book was a big help in finding different plants that would work in our area and designing a layout that would have something in season all through the year. We'll see how it works out!
I found 44 blue stone pavers on craigslist so I could replace the concrete walk at a great price. I've also been rooting some plants I either found or were given to me and the rest either were bought locally or I picked up starter plant/seeds on EBAY. The mulch I get free from the township and the edging stone were free too. I get into more details of what's been planted when everything is finished....

The push to get this done now is because I have all kinds of plants started in pots that need to get rooted good in the ground before the cold comes. Other wise I will have to sink all the pots in the ground and dig them out in the spring.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving Towards The Front

I moved up to the front corner and stripped the old siding a little bit ahead of time so I could start flashing and get the starter course in where the porch roof meets the house. This is a tough area because of the corner and the angles of the roof along the wall. I pre-cut 6 foot sections and had them bent to 25 degrees. I learned my lesson on the back trying one long piece and trying to bend without using a brake.

I also don't have the luxury of having a bare roof this time since this roof was done recently....all though laid on top of another roof. This adds to the issues of laying the flashing on the roof. I worked the flashing into the shingles the best I could and will remove the top row and muck them down on top of the flashing. This should look OK and solve any of the leaking problems I've been having.

Next the starter course goes in along the roof line.

I need to finish wrapping, then I can finish the side shingles up to the roof, start the front and side corner a couple rows, and tie everything together when I get to the first uninterrupted row. And let's not forget - make a few more batches of shingles!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Eviction

Today I dismantled the soffit along the side and around to the front where it ends and the large 3rd floor dormer begins. In the front section I came across another Grackle village and promptly gave eviction notice!

This is the second Grackle condo now (there's more to come...) and I'm still playing leap frog with the sparrows as I move closer to the porch and they keep rebuilding - but I only have 2 feet to go before I have check mate on them.

This was before the Grackle condo dropped. I didn't even bother after, there was too much clean up to do.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inside - Outside

On to the next section.....

The next section of siding brings me to one of the most difficult - or at least tedious. The bedroom bump out returns to the main house leaving an outside corner and then, 18 inches later, an inside corner. I already have one outside corner under my belt, so that shouldn't be a problem, but the inside will be my first and only.

Demo work complete

Insides are done kind of the same as an outside - you want to "weave" the joints to stagger the seams. I did learn another trick while doing the demo. The old-timers flashed the first couple rows where the siding flare-out occurs. This prevents any water that may get through the siding from collecting behind the bottom crown trim. There's no real shortcut for getting a good edge fit, just trial and error. Starting with a little excess to leave you some room to shape things to size is the biggie.

Starter course installed

Flashing added to starter course

Finish course and second row added - then more flashing

Third row installed - no more flashing needed after this row

Almost done - only two rows left. Next will install starter to middle of window and that should get things sided up to the window.