Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dining Room Colorized

The dining room is finally painted. Continuing in the Arts & Crafts color scheme, this time I used a Glidden color, since the Behr didn't have just the right shade... but I wish they did. The coverage is a far cry from the Behr (which isn't the greatest either) and definitely needs a second coat. I've been one coating everything so far till the woodwork, etc. is finished and then will finish up with a second coat to wrap up the downstairs restoration. I'm happy with the color choice and the drywall work appears to be better than I thought it was going to be once painted. I still need to finish stripping around the windows and the one remaining baseboard. The 4 accent lights will go back (already restored) and I still need to start restoration on the Gas/electric chandelier. Of coarse there's plenty of woodwork to be reproduced in another phase of the downstairs resto, and windows will be done next month.

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