Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Break

Yea, I'm still around! Most of my motivation lately goes to shoveling snow. As I type we are getting hit with another storm... ugh! Meanwhile I have been doing some house related work in between keeping the wood stove in operation.

I haven't felt like spackling the basement and back staircases, so I've been working on clearing out the 3 room on the second floor in prep for the bedroom projects. I finished the upstairs kitchen gutting and the old stove and fridge are finally gone. I temporarily installed the back window that was where the sink was. In the spring I will take this back out so I can replace the sill. Meanwhile it's better than the piece of panel that was all that was covering the window opening.

Next I built a temporary clothes rack on the wall where the stove was so I can get the two front bedroom closets cleared out. My other bedroom set and misc items are all now in the old kitchen, leaving the two front bedrooms just about empty and ready to be gutted.... after I build doors to close off the bedrooms.

Closets..... 5yrs and still waiting!

Almost ready to be gutted

I've been in EBAY mode this month selling off alot of extra items, furniture I won't be using, etc. So this has been a win-win.... it helps with paying off the kitchen project and I'm getting my basement and the last of my junk rooms (soon to be bedrooms) cleared out!