Friday, April 20, 2007

Motherboard Meltdown

As if my plate wasn't already full, the computer decided to crash big time this week. I hoped that it was just the processor, but turned out the motherboard went belly up. In the good old days a few years back I could just grab a motherboard and be back in business, but the computer people have caught up and really have "their" stuff tangled in to the point where you can't swap parts anymore. So a new tower later I'm back online and the posts can continue. There was a time when I would have a few spare computers laying around built from thrown out computers sitting on the curb (which still had plenty of good parts).... the good ol' days.

salvaged window for butler stairs

Not too much to report. The window came for the butler stairs and looks great! Will need a full redo like the main staircase window I just restored. I have one coat of mud done in the powder room. I started scraping a parlor window outside casing/sill to start getting the windows done. I want to do any stripping first before I put the new Pella's in. I got a great deal on a garage door on EBAY and will pick up Sunday - my one day off. It is an all wood roll-up built to look a set of carriage doors, only 2 years old, and complete with opener. These are BIG money and I grabbed for a fraction of new cost. Plus will definitely make the garage look authentic compared to the more modern fiberglass/steal units.

first coat in powder room

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