Friday, April 6, 2007

Foyer Window Search Over?

I located a pair of windows that just may be a winner at a salvage place online. Waiting for shipping totals but price is very reasonable. They are a slight compromise from original, instead of a wood muttin lattice pattern, these are leaded glass in a lattice pattern. Size is almost perfect fit too. Stay tuned. Still waiting for the window I bought for the butler stairs. If I buy this pair than the first floor will be done, and a huge sigh of relief since I have had a lot of heart burn over figuring out all these windows. The second floor will be easy, all Pella's like what I just ordered for the double hungs on the first floor. The third floor dormers are a no-brainer, I am getting new wood/aluminum clad and have the original grills replicated. These were the same design as the stained glass window I just restored for the stairs.

Here is another shot of the foyer windows, taken around 1912 with little Wally Hall playing with his wagon and bear - neat pic. Notice this shot shows the windows with their storms on as well.

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Georgetown House said...

What a cool old pic! I'm so envious of folks who have old pics of their homes.