Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally Back

Before leaving for vacation, I was able to finish up the soffit around the corner, add the crown detail, and do final painting. It's tied things together pretty well.

Back from vacation I built scaffolding around the corner so I can make my way around the final side of the house. Once again another colony was nested in the soffit which made for a fun tear down. It's a little more tricky here with the electric service which would not mix well with aluminum siding if I nicked a wire! The old soffit and aluminum tear down is finished, so next will be getting the old shakes down and working the corner with new - if the weather cooperates. I think we brought the English weather back with us.....

And just to make you all feel better about your own "not square" homes - check out "The Crooked House of Windsor". The pic doesn't do justice for just how crooked this house was!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

3rd Floor Unveiling

Well..... Here it is! Got the scaffold down just in time for tropical storm Hanna's arrival.

Now it's back to finish up the 2nd floor.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Enjoy The View While It Lasts

It won't be long now before I come back down to "safer" heights....

Over the past week I managed to get all the stripping done, repaired the window sill and trim, finished all the shingles and beadboard - basically you can stick a fork in it except for the finish painting. That should be complete tomorrow. The bead board I've been using so far once again worked good in this application. Once I caulked everything in, it tied together great.

Hopefully the scaffolding will be down by the weekend and I can really appreciate the work.