Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Fightin

Not much to report. I've seen more doctors, had more scans/tests, and even an ER visit and still am fighting this illness. Turns out the respiratory infection turned into a bad asthmatic bronchitis. Fun stuff. Well I guess my entire summer plan is on hold for the house. I can't recall ever being sick this long and certainly am getting atnsy at this point. Tried going back to work one day, but that didn't work out too well. So hopefully next week. Maybe in another month I can start to do some minor items around here and by the end of the summer pick back up on the bedrooms again. If I can at least get them drywalled, then I can bring somebody in here and get all the mudding finished. I really need to get those rooms done to help with the air quality in the house... sure that's been a big factor in all of this!

The garden is doing good and canning season is almost here...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calling Out Sick!

Lord knows what I caught, inhaled, or whatever.... but for over 2 weeks now I've been coughing so bad, it's pretty much left me out of commission. I can't imagine all that demo was the cause of anything!! So far they treated me for a respiratory infection but if anything it's getting worse... half the time I can't even talk. Good thing I don't need to talk on here or this would take awhile! So needless to say I haven't touched the house and can barely keep up with the basic chores. I did manage to get the tomato supports up before the plants got too big. This year I'm trying bamboo teepee setups. It's simple and hopefully sturdy enough. So far my new trellis systems is working great. I just took out the snap peas and started some vine string beans.

Poor Mr. Fur hasn't had much luck either. Everyone noticed he had been loosing weight over the past spring, so I took him in to the vet. Well his thyroid and liver numbers were high, so after some blood work, found out he's hyperthyroid. So not a biggie there that a pill can take care of and hopefully he can start to put weight back on. But I had to take him for an ultrasound to check what was going on with his liver. Well his liver, kidneys, and spleen were enlarged. So fingers crossed we're trying some pills to treat a hepatitis type condition and hopefully that will get things under control. He is 13 now though so the odds are against him... we'll see. I can tell you he does not like his new hair cut or the 6 pills a day I have to give him!

I think the Hall House is about to be quarantined!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Auction Night

A few more goodies followed me home friday...

Nice pair of large yelloware bowls

Small Westinghouse fan from the early 1920s

Large lot of Ball canning jars

Large 1940's clock for the garage

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Closets That Fit Clothes!

The framing for the closets in the two front bedrooms is finally done. The master bedroom has a walk in where clothes will hang on each side. The other bedroom is a standard size one. Because the floor is pitched in a few places I shimed a 2x4 base and nailed down to have a level base to build the walls on.

Next I built the walls on the floor and installed in place. I had to build them slightly shorter because of the difference in joists heights. Each joists is then custom shimmed to the wall and nailed in place.

Finally the old wall is removed, a divider wall installed to seperate the closets, and ceiling supports installed. Next will be making doors for the closets...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Entertainment in the Hall House - 1906

So it's a Friday night in 1906 at the newly built Hall House... there's no TV, no radio, no internet.... heck, you're still using gas lighting! What to do, what to do?? Well if you were lucky enough to have a victrola you could crank that up... or you could play with a few of my latest auction finds!

Quite the novelty in it's day, you could spend hours looking at scenes from around the globe with this stereoscope... in 3D!! I picked this up complete with a stack of picture cards with some awesome turn of the century scenes.

Tired of looking at cards, well then time to get out the Magic Lantern...

While you enjoy some grown up slides, your kids could play with their very own A.C. Gilbert toy lantern, complete with story slides and cartoons. Yes, this was when it was still ok to let kids play with open flames. Light the oil lamp and insert the slides for hours of entertainment!