Monday, April 30, 2007

Actual Real Blog-worthy Progress

For the first time in a few weeks I feel like I'm making some real progress again. Yesterday I finished stripping the other front parlor window opening and primed both. This morning I was ready to remove the two old windows and install the new Pella units. First thing was removing the old units. A couple of screws and they were good as gone since the window stops were already removed from inside and out.

Trim primed and old windows removed

Next I had to add a 1x4 piece to the top since the window was a bit short. It looks like when i gave my dimensions to order, they took them as rough in opening size, but what I gave was what I wanted the window to be. Anywho so I installed the filler which ended up looking fine, then cut and installed the window stops.

Filler piece and stops added to opening - note old weight pulleys visible

Next came time to try out the window for fit, then finally install for real. Once everything was shimmed and plumb and swell, the screws were set through the jambs and the shipping straps cut. I checked the window a few times opening and closing - and satisfied with that, moved on to the next.

Shimming the new window

Both windows are installed and ready for some touch up, caulk, and a final paint on the trim work. I still have one more parlor window on the side, but that needs to be stripped down first. I will probably do the three dining room units next since the paint comes off just looking at them - this is the sunny side.

Two more down - eight to go! least on the first floor

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