Saturday, April 14, 2007

Porch Column Sneak Peak

I finally got a chance to open up and put together one of the new columns from Pacific Columns. It looks like they will work just fine and I managed to measure things right for a change. The quality is as good as I hoped and these suckers are HEAVY - about 80 lbs. a piece. I have all the equipment I need ready, a plan, and all I need to do now is make some flashing pieces to go over the top, which prevents rain water from getting inside them. They also need to be cut down to 5 feet instead of 6, which was the shortest they had available. The taper start about 1/3 up, so you have some room to cut before the diameter start to change.

In other progress, I'm in transition from the dining room to the kitchen/bath mudding. This is usually when I go looking for all the tools I've lost over the past project and finding the floor again under the dirt I've made. With the kitchen and powder room, I had to disassemble the kitchen table, island, hoosier, and stove. I need to get the GE Monitor Top out too, but not sure how yet! I brought it in myself, but had a chain fall over one of the joists above to raise and lower the mechanical part that sits on top of the cabinet (it's about 200 pounds). Unless I make holes through my new drywall job, I don't have this option again..... I'll get back to it later. I also had to remove all the bathroom items too. And where to put all this???? That the bigger question.

Today I finished up some loose ends in the bath - boxing in around the stack that sticks out a hair past the wall and adding corner beads. Tomorrow will hopefully get first coat of mud. I also finally put up a paint sample outside to see if it's what we like - you would think a 50 degree day would not be asking for much in the middle April, but not this year, it's taken almost 2 weeks to get a chance to do it. I like it, not sure if it's what I was going for or not. We'll see what my better half thinks and maybe try one or two others.
Finishing up another 70 hour week at work - phew... and only two more of them to go! Then progress will pick up again around here - and as a bonus, the piggy bank will be full again. But I guess I can't complain with what I've still been able to get done in the little free time left right now.

foyer closet painted - bring on the next project

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