Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Slow Week

Well another week of lots of work.... but not on the house. I picked up the garage door Sunday and it should work out great. Hopefully I can get to this project early this summer. On a bummer note, the windows I bought for the foyer window seat ended up being advertised wrong and won't fit, so the search once again continues. The guy I bought the garage door from just happened to be a custom window maker - so if a salvaged pair can't be found, I just may have him make them for me. He also gave me a good education on using a moulder/planer and some recommended brands. I'm currently shopping for one to start making the woodwork later this year. I already have all the red oak I need.

I picked up a neat map of Ridley Park from 1909 which shows the Hall house and the rest of the town at that point. I'll get this framed later on and display it somewhere in the house. I also picked up a postcard of the Penn Ave sister house I posted last week - a really awesome find. As soon as I can get the drivers working for my scanner with Microsoft VISTA (did I mention I already hate Vista??!!) I'll post it.

Fun stuff, but sure beats snaking sewer lines

After my 10 hour days at work, I've been able to get an hour or two starting to strip the the front parlor windows outside trim and sills. I wanted to get this done before I install the new windows, especially since I need to modify the stops a bit. So far one is done and I've started the second, it's quite thick and slow going. Also the second coat of mud is almost done in the powder room.

All stripped, ready for primer and a new window

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Greg said...

I came so close to buying a moulder/planer 4 or 5 years ago. I ended up having a mill cut a knife and run the casing I needed. I tried to get it all run at once because there is a set-up fee no matter if you're running 1 foot or a hundred feet. If I'd gotten the moulder/planer it would not be an issue now.