Sunday, December 31, 2006

First anniversary

House For Sale - Fall 2005
"Looks nice from here...."

Yesterday was the first year at the Hall house, and what a year it's been. Starting what will probably be a 10 year restoration on a 6 bedroom house life has been busy around here. I've been following other restorations on the web since my last house (a 1920's craftsman colonial) and have been debating doing one myself for this project. With family and friends usually asking "how's the house coming?" and half have yet to even see what I'm tackling, and now having been in contact with the family of the original owners - I finally got that final push to get started.

At this point in the restoration I am spackling/finishing the entire first floor drywall, so there is nothing exciting to post for awhile..... spackle.....sand.....curse....spackle.....sand.....cough....curse - that should cover me till at least March! So this will give me an opportunity to play catch up with posting the first years progress and tell the story of L. Norris Hall and his family, the years of decline after the house left the family, and hopefully its rebirth. I'll throw a little bit of the town of Ridley Park in there too.