Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bare Minimum Progress

Night work and house work don't mix and you know which one is taking a hit right now. So this has been more of a research and regrouping period. Sanding is at a snail's pace in the dining room, I get about a wall a day sanded which are now done, still need to do the ceiling. The foyer closet is ready for prime and paint when I do the dining room. I picked up a sample of color for the exterior that I hope to apply next week when it warms up again. The back needs to get painted soon since it's been in primer all winter. Looks like I'll be using Valspar from Lowe's since that seems to be the best value without sacrificing quality. I picked up 5 gallons of the white for the porch and trim work. I picked up three more doors on EBAY from the same guy I bought the pantry - yea I payed for doors this time, but at $50 a piece for unpainted doors, seemed pretty good to me. They are 28" doors which I needed to build closets in the two front bedrooms - all I have now are mostly 30" and the two 28" doors I had are only paintable do to some damage, which I can now use downstairs for the powder room and dishwasher closet instead of the larger 30" which are larger than really needed.

The windows arrived and I had a fun 2 hours getting them, paint and a window price for the window seat. Then didn't get the screens so had to go back - add another hour. Other than the hardware not being brass, everything looks OK and ready to go.

I'm still debating what to do with the window seat windows. Look like getting two casement style with the lattice grill work (custom) to match what was originally there will end up setting me back at least $1500. Getting a pair with the standard divided light grills is around $900. I've had no luck finding originals in the size I need. I bought a pair a few months back with beveled glass that matched the sidelights for the front door I'll be installing, but they're a few inches narrower and I now don't thing will look right when installed. There's also the matter of being able to open them and efficiency which getting an original probably won't allow. But I do need to come up with something this year.

1930's picture of Sarah Hall showing original window seat windows

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