Friday, March 30, 2007

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

..... And one awful smell!

Life has not been pleasant this week at the old Hall house. A minor backup problem that started in January is now 99% blocked up. I tried to finally get it cleaned out with a snake from work. Well we managed to get 60 feet in, which got to within 10 feet of the sidewalk. After some detective work with my neighbor's metal detector, I found the front vent buried about 6 inches down. Today we tried cleaning from that end, no easy feet with a normal T connection 4 feet down.

But it appears that between the vent and maybe 5 feet or so back is packed solid - years of rental neglect I'm sure. But spring outage season is upon me at work - a.k.a work 70+ hours a week (electric company does all their maintenance work in spring and fall when demand is low). So looks like I will have to call in for the first time ever - a pro.... profess.... professional - that wasn't so hard! Still it is a sad day to throw in the towel on a challenge, but clean wash and showers would be nice without flooding the back yard. I have 4 days in this already and definitely would take many more hours with my setup to get things flowing again - and this just can't wait any longer.

On a positive note, the stained glass window is finished and back in place. The jamb and trim were scraped, filled, and primed. The glass was installed in the frame and glazed. This was my first attempt at glazing and yes it is as hard as you think and heard. Definitely a bit of a learning curve to get the feel for cutting in the glazing. All in all I'm very happy with the results. After two weeks for the glazing to set I can paint it up.

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