Friday, March 16, 2007

Foyer Fireplace Change-up

After the discovery of the foyer fireplace, much thought has been given on exactly how it looked. There was not much to go by other than the green tile, a hole for a gas line, and a brick fireplace that was obviously covered by something. I found a nice oak mantel that fit like a glove, and initially bought an original Humphrey Radiantfire to sit in the fireplace. But it just didn't look right. After more study and several opinions it was clear that a full gas insert covered that cavity, and probably tile (one of the Hall family members was able to confirm this) the same green as the hearth formed a surround - so the hunt was on once again....

Well, here is what I came up with. Found this beauty on EBAY (of course), and got it for a good price. It is a gas, radiant insert in good condition - just need to get radiants for it. I may restore it to operating condition, but most likely will just get a cosmetic job.

And here it is with the salvaged mantel stripped and installed. Brick veneer will cover the old brick until someday - maybe - I can find some matching salvaged tile.

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Greg said...

Nice looking unit. Dearborn Heaters might have radiants for it.