Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting The Stains Out Of Stained Glass

With the window disassembled, I started experimenting with ways to get the glass cleaned up. The outside surface which is smooth, I was able to get away with a glass scraper for the paint and remaining glazing. But to get off 100 years of baked in crud, I used 0000 steel wool and alcohol. This did the trick and really started to bring the color back. And now doesn't have that gritty feel. For the inside surface, which is textured, I had to use stripper. I spread some thick gel stripper on the surface and let sit for 10 minutes. Then did a good scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush. I wiped up the goo with more 0000 steel wool, then went over with some alcohol and a good cleaning.

Before cleaning

After cleaning


The frame was a real PIA. I started with a paint scraper for the loose stuff (outside part) Then tried stripper, and ended up with the paint gun and a final sanding. The inside, which had seen shellac, then white paint, then poorly stripped and coated with varnish. I went with stripper and steel wool for two application. Then went to the heat gun again to get the remaining material out of the grills which you could no longer make out the details because of all the layers of stuff.

Frame all cleaned up

After sanding, the outside was primed and inside where the glass sits. The inside I went with an "aged oak" gel stain. The trim and jamb in the house is oak, but the frame is pine. I quickly was reminded that pine doesn't cooperate with stains and it came out blotchy. So after some sanding and a coat of treatment for soft woods that helps even how the wood absorbs the stain, and then two coats of stain, it's about as good as it's gonna get. Two coats of clear satin poly and it's ready for the glass.


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Looks great! I have an absolute love for stained glass. Someday I'm going to have it somewhere in my house!