Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rebuilding A Jamb

So what's one to do when your oak door jamb to your dining room has been converted from a nice 5 panel door to two saloon style 1970's bling doors complete with SKOAL bumper sticker on the glass - and in the process mortised 2 more sets of hinges on each side???!!!
Well you merely pry the jamb apart (carefully), pray the other sides are clean, and reinstall them with the inside out - nice new virgin (and original) oak. The casing molding covers the mortised part that is now on the inside.

Side pieces are removed from jamb

Top piece stays in place and stripped revealing original red oak

Sides are flipped, sanded, and reinstalled.

Door stops are stripped and reinstalled covering most of the nail holes. Cut, strip, and install some original casing you found being used as shim scrap under 1970's panelling - and you're in business! Not sure if I'll install a door here or not as was original - how do I know - well 100 years ago the builder left a note under the jamb which side the door was hinged and which way it swung!

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