Saturday, March 10, 2007

Return of the "Halls"

Today after more than 45 years, members of the Hall family were once again roaming around these walls and it was quite a homecoming! What a time we had hearing all the old stories and filling in some missing pieces, and going through a treasure trove of old photographs that I was able to scan. They seemed quite grateful of our lapse into insanity in taking on restoring a piece of their heritage - and in the end been made honorary "Hall". Hopefully later in the year some of the more distant members can make a visit.

The following two pics are probably the "jackpot" of picture finds - these are the front and back of the house taken probably around 1912-1914 and shows how the house would have looked when new. Notice that the road is still dirt!

For all that came to visit today - Thanks Again!!

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