Saturday, March 17, 2007

Is it St. Patty's Day or X-mas???

Woke up to several inches of sleet this morning - will spring ever come????! I guess they say nature is a mother....

After two hours of chopping, it softened up enough to finally break in my new snow blower. I've waited 5 years to get one, and every storm so far has been ice - which doesn't agree to well with a snow blower. Well Damnit today I was gonna use it even if it road on top of the stuff, but it did OK. The arms can't take this and drywall finishing - so much for making much progress this weekend.

You might be an old house owner....

... if you keep your snow blower in your dining room!

I was gonna take a pic of the house but figured this one that was just discovered looked much better than it does now.

Hall House about 1940

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