Thursday, January 4, 2007

Tear Down The Wall!

In true Pink Floyd fashion - it was time to tear down that wall dividing the foyer. And boy did it feel good to take a sledge hammer to it! It only took one evening to do, it was raining so I couldn't move anything from the old house. Once I found the fireplace, I really wanted to see what this area looked like... and boy was I not disappointed!

The following pictures show the room being revealed and finally a pan of the foyer how it was meant to be seen (though a bit rough around the edges.) As strange as it is, this area is still the best preserved of the house. On a positive note I did salvage a good amount of lumber for future use.

Some of you may notice that empty hole at the base of the steps. At first I thought Damn! they hacked up the wainscoting... for what? But then I noticed the outline of something and the bulb went off - there was a built in bench here and was ripped out for the wall. Wasn't anything safe with these people??!


doughallnh said...


Thank you for the running description of your work. The pictures are great.

Your enthusiasm for this work really comes through in your writing.

Marilyn said...

Isn't it fun? It's going to be a beautiful space when you're done with it.
When you rebuild the seat, make sure you hinge it for storage of boots and mittens.

mike & rachel said...

Thanks. I'm sure the pics must be a bit startling from the fond memories you all have of the place!
Much more to come....

It's definitely a labor of love... or insanity - heh! But you can count on the seat coming back, with the lid. If I could only see what covered that fireplace. I did find an oak mantel that fits like a glove which you'll see later.