Monday, January 1, 2007

How did I get here??

Here's how it went....
During the summer of 2006 I was winding down a full kitchen redo and installing vinyl picket fencing on the Glenolden house when I came across a listing for a Victorian twin in Swarthmore. Very cool location across from a park and not in to bad of shape. I had been checking the real estate for some time - just for curiosity sake. I bought the Glenolden house knowing it would be a short term house, more of a stepping stone to something else in a few years. After checking it out a few times I decided to go for it. I quickly rapped up some unfinished projects and the house went up for sale. As fate would have it a few months later the Swarthmore house had another offer and had to let it go since my house hadn't sold yet - the realtor actually said my house was to nice for the area and just wouldn't get the price it deserved. I had passed the Hall house many times over the year it was for sale but never gave it much thought at first - I just hadn't noticed what was really there at first but later decided it would be a backup plan if Swarthmore fell through.

The add listed it as "drop dead gorgeous" and " easy conversion back to a victorian single", so why was it on the market so long?? I soon got the answer.......

As soon as I walked in the door I knew I was in for something far from gorgeous! The place was literally a flop pad... matresses everywhere, dirt, grime, even a few dead mice for me to find. My parents came with me and mom walked out half way through - she said "your nuts!" The floor plan was tough to figure out with the place being chopped up into apartments, but I could tell something special was buried underneath all that panelling, shag, and drop ceilings. I soon haggled out an offer - but I still had to sell my house.

Several more months passed and one day I get a call saying he had another offer - do I settle or not? I had two tentative offers from that Sunday's open house which wouldn't come till mid week and I had to have a answer Monday. Those two days seemed like an eternity, but did get an offer and had 30 days to get to settle on the Hall house - 30 very aggravating days! What could go wrong went wrong but did make settlement - I could write pages about that ordeal. Two weeks later I settled on the Glenolden house and then there was no looking back!

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