Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Outside - Day 1

From the outside the old house didn't look too bad. The stone was in excellent shape, the structure appeared for the most part solid, and the PO had rebuilt the porch including new decking, columns, ceiling, railing, etc.... though I'll later uncover the floor joices are patched up termite leftovers.

But what lies beneath all that aluminum?? My guess was the same as you see on the garage, staggered cedar shingles. My curiosity got the best of me soon after we moved in so I climbed on the porch roof and took a peak..... yep, staggered shingles. I love the look and plan to keep this pattern whether I restore what's there or replace with something new. Vinyl is just out of the question much to my dad's dismay....."son, you'll spend your life painting that place!" But one look at the neighbors stunning restoration on the right and I'm sorry, but vinyl can't compare to a nice shingle job or do this house justice. I just tell him I didn't buy this place for convenience!

All the original windows are gone, except the stained glass staircase landing - half are 1970's single pane aluminum, the rest newer cheap vinyl. All will be replaced with Pella wood, hopefully with grills to replicate the originals.... if I can find out.

Garage is in good shape and a big selling point for me - must have a garage! Those walls are solid 12 inches of stone, same as the house. Needs roof, door, windows, and a 1955 Chevy - well I guess the Chevy will have to wait! Oh well.

The porch goes on forever, and is a favorite place for that mornig cup o jo. And at this point our only haven from the hell inside....

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Greg said...

I had asbestos siding.....with shingles underneath.