Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Inside - Day 1

I call it a victim of the 70's - that era that forever haunts us - especially old house fans....

The inside was a whole different story - panelling, panelling, and more panelling. I only hoped that the walls were shimmed out and the trim still underneath. Wishful thinking there! As it turned out, the only original woodwork left was in the foyer area. Somebody thought foam and plastic trim was more desirable than 4" red oak casing and 8" baseboards..... makes you wonder.
Oh yea... don't forget the dropped ceilings and shag, even in the bathroom.

Here's the tour...

You walked in the front door and a wall forced you up the original staircase to the the 2nd (owner) apartment which occupied the 2nd and 3rd floors. This was the first area that gave me a clue to something good was lurking underneath. Of course the PO ripped out the original oak/ leaded glass door and sidelights in favor of a nice new steel/plastic one - ugh! Rumor has it a neighbor bought it when he had a yard sale.
On the other side of the wall erected in the foyer was some closets and then the old parlor which at this time was the 1st floor units bedroom. When I snaked around and saw these columns (which look very out of place), I knew the front of this house was at one time really something.

The old dining room, a.k.a. the 1st apartments living room has a bowed wall like the parlor, but with a boxed in ledge under the 3 windows. I will later uncover that this was once a grand solid oak window seat that once again somebody thought hmmmm - that's just gotta go! Oh, and check out those split doors - classy! Definitely better than the old solid oak 5 panel doors that once were hung throughout the house..... yep, all gone too, except for the closet built under the staircase.

The old kitchen and pantry area, well not much to say here, but lurking in that spot on the left next to the sink, which is where the fridge was - I bet there's a staircase behind that wall. I knew because there was a window outside between the kitchen and parlor windows, but couldn't find it inside??

The back full bath was pure 70's bling.... popcorn glitter ceiling with gold faucets, brown shag, brown toilet and tub and 20 years worth of dirt and mold.


Greg said...

Oy! Thanks for the tour....I think. Oh, the window seat in the dining room. Oh, the front stairs. Oh, the front door. Oh! Oh! oh!

It's heart breaking....

Mine was cut up in to 4 apartments but it was done back in the 1920s, and then nothing happened for a very long time, so I didn't lose as much as you. Still, damage was done, and it's been a chore to put it back together.

mike & rachel said...

You're doing a heck of a job too! Keep up the good work.