Friday, January 12, 2007

Clear As Mud

For those of you at home following along, I'm sure at this point you are confused as ever about the layout of our house - lord knows I was. I drew up a few plans in PhotoShop showing the three major changes the house has undergone:


The first drawing shows to the best of my knowledge the original 1906 floorplan of the 1st story.


The next drawing shows the 1971 conversion into two apartment. All major changes from original are shown in red. Note all the radiators are changed out from the larger tube to smaller thin tube units. A wall is constructed through the foyer and back stairs is walled off to make a first floor apartment. The back porch is enclosed and half the mudroom used to make a bathroom for this apartment. Also the gas fireplace in the foyer is walled off. And we won't even go into the destruction that was done to the cosmetics....


The final drawing shows the plan we have come up with to put back some of the original details and change some other (in red). In the foyer the staircase bench will be rebuilt, the fireplace restored, original style radiator back, and of course the wall long gone. The dining room will also see an original style radiator back and the window seat restored. In the parlor the radiator here will be located back in it's original location and also replaced back to an original style. Also here I will be adding a fireplace / wood stove. The kitchen will see the biggest change with the pantry and original mudroom footprints combined to make a larger kitchen. The original porch footprint will become a powder room, especially since the plumbing is already there. A few more radiators will be installed and a few windows added to the back addition. Also there will be a built in pantry cabinet and shelves around the heater chimney, and a built in hutch will be added. Between them and the powder room will be a closet for the dishwasher (and freezer if we use the monitor top fridge). The sink will move to the opposite wall to make room for this hutch.

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