Sunday, January 7, 2007

Is There A Pattern Here?

Another room, another mess - the Parlor was just as bad as the first two rooms. OK, I know the drill...pull, whack, pry, rip, hack.... sneeze.

With the rugs up I noticed that the radiator under the window was not only not the original, but had changed location. All of the radiators in the house sit on solid wood blocks that are built into the hardwood floors and sit about 3/4 inch higher than the surrounding floor. In here it was located on the opposite wall of that corner. This is a neat detail I've never come across in any other house before.

...just trust m"

Under the ceiling was another buried electric/gas feed for a fixture. With the walls out, you can see the butler stairs on the opposite side of the wall. Since the house didn't have a wood burning fireplace, and it's a must have on my list, I had to come up with a plan to build one from scratch and this was the room it would be located. I installed a Vermont Castings stove into the fireplace of the Glenolden house and it worked out excellent and looked great as well. I decided I would try to duplicate this setup with a hearth and fake fireplace that would serve as the chase for the chimney on the first floor. This way I could have a mantel and the setup would look original to the house.... you'll see later. I found a great deal on another Vermont Castings on EBAY which you can see staged where I plan on building the fireplace.

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