Thursday, February 15, 2007

A-Plumbing We Will Go

By far one of my favorite 3 Stooges shorts, and sometimes I feel like I'm in the middle of this sketch when doing plumbing work.

Finally, it was time to bring some water service back to the kitchen. I started out working on the old kitchen sink. Originally these were mounted with cast iron brackets, which were missing on mine. I couldn't readily find one so I gave my dad some dimensions and he was able to fabricate one from steel for me. Once this accomplished, the next step was tackling the faucet. This ended up being far more trouble than it should have been but I could not find a new faucet with the mounted soap dish that would mount to the sink. All were designed to wall mounts, threading on to nipples that would normally be inside a wall cavity (a.k.a shower/bath style). My plumbing was to be exposed and not recessed in the wall, so I had to find a way to go from 1/2" copper to a valve, reduce to 3/8 tubing.... then with about an 1 1/2" clearance between the wall and back splash of sink, I needed to add a 90 deg. fitting, change to 1/2" pipe thread and leave just enough of a nipple to mount the faucet assembly so it was snug to the back splash and still have enough threads so that it would not leak. Now do this act for a hot and cold line and have them come out the center of the two existing holes in the sink.... and be plumb to each other.... not asking for to much skill here. Let's not forget I'm an electrician here, not a plumber by any means! Well it took a few tweaks but I managed to do just that and worked out swell. I wish I had taken a pic of the act, but guess i just wanted to get the sink hung and forget about it. Underneath was not so bad, hot and colds run through to the basement where they have isolation valves and tie into the existing plumbing. These were then insulated and strapped. The drain transitions to 1 1/2" PVC underneath, then ties into the existing cast drains with a rubber boot adapter - I was just able to squeak in the distance without getting into vent issues... that would have been a real PIA.

The other kitchen plumbing involved the dishwasher that will be located in the closet. We will be using a portable unit so it has a finished exterior since it will be exposed unlike a built-in unit, but the lines will be semi permanently attached. To do this I bought a pre-fab washer box which allows for two water lines and a drain. When installed and drywalled it make for a nice clean installation. The hot line was straight forward. For the drain, I installed the trap under the floor, so if any blockage occurs I can access it from the crawl space. This is right next to the stack, so venting was a non-issue.

"... hey Moe, I know what's wrong, there's wires in these pipes - nyuck nyuck"

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Looking good. Hope you are remembering to have some fun too.