Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hangin' Tin

My next project in the powder room was adding the tin ceiling. We settled on a pattern from M-Boss that came in 2 foot square sections and crown pieces, plus nails with special finished heads for installation. After marking a cross for the center of the room, installation started from this point and fanned out from there. The key to a clean installation is overlapping your seams away from normal line of sight. Since you will normally see the ceiling from the doorway, all the seams going across overlapped the next one closer to the door from the far wall. In the other direction I started in with the middle panel and overlapped the seems towards both side walls. It's easier to see the results than to explain. I highly recommend only tacking in place till the ceiling is up since I had to make several adjustments to make the patterns transition cleanly between the panels. When I was happy with the overall effect and my seams layered in the best visually appearing manner, then I nailed down everything permanent. I was very happy with the results and the quality of the pieces. They were available in finishes, but I chose clear until I decide what color it will be. I set one piece of crown so I could get the tank to clear. These will be added after the walls are finished.

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