Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Every Old Home Owner's Dream Come True!

That's right - a year of research and digging has paid off, and we are going to live the one dream very few of us old house owners ever get to experience - a visit from the original family! Well no, not actually Norris and Lulu.... although sometimes I wonder.... but from several of the grandchildren who remember the place as kids (and lived here for a brief time), but one of Norris's son-in-laws too. Sadly both of Norris and Lulu's twin daughters died last year, but both of their husband are still around and kickin into their 90's. The response from the family has been better than we could have ever expected, and one of the reasons this blog was started, so they could follow along with the restoration of their grandparents home.

Yesterday, I received a package from one of the granddaughters (Nancy) in Florida and boy did she send a few goodies! Several early pics of the family, two with the house in the background. This one in particular answered many question about the back addition and how it was originally setup, and the mystery toilet drain. Thanks Nancy! And to the rest, see some of you next weekend!

Marian Hall and back of house - taken 1918

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