Tuesday, February 27, 2007

99 Gallons Of Mud On The Wall...

... sand one down and sweep it around.... 98 gallons of mud on the wall....

I've had this song in my head since the week before x-mas, and there's no end in sight. Maybe it's all the drywall dust I'm breathing, maybe it's the lead or fumes from paint stripping... either way I can't wait till this job is DONE.

If there was one job I could contract out it would have been this. But with the scale of this project, every penny I can save is a must in order to get it done in my lifetime. What would take a crew a week will take me several months, but the lost money may put the entire house on hold for much longer.

Anywho, here is the first room on the drywall mud crawl - the parlor. I'm using the mesh tape instead of paper. I've found it to be easier to use. I've heard it's not to be used in corners, but as long as you use your knife to tuck it in, it works OK. Most of the seams are factory, not butt joints, so in reality other than the curved wall, wasn't too bad of a job to take on - but I can guarantee I will do twice as many coats and three times as much sanding than the pros.

While waiting for the mud to dry I started stripping the column divider and window jambs. With the shellac base, the heat gun make pretty easy work of it. The shellac melts at a pretty low temp and all the above layers peel off. Followed up with steel wool and alcohol, it's 99% stripped - and I've been finding some pretty nice oak. Too bad the bastards cut off the ends of the sill to hang the panelling, so that will be another project.

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Poppy said...

Looks like you're doing a very professional job of it! I know it's tedious work but you'll be so proud of yourself when it's all done and done by your own hands. Really, you will :)