Thursday, February 1, 2007

More Walls

With the parlor drywalled it was off to the dining room next. Same problems were encountered here as in the parlor - everything had to be shimmed. The ceiling here was worse than the parlor and had a difference of 2 1/2 inches between all the joists! Did the builders even try to get em close? So after stringing up a level height, metal studs were once again sistered to the joists and a new ceiling hung.

After finishing up insulation around the window seat and the outside back wall (which are framed instead of stone), I came up with a drywall plan, then added studs where needed for drywall seams and shimmed all the studs level and even with each other. Finally the drywall was hung and we could now count two rooms downstairs with walls again - amazing how a little drywall can make a big difference!


Shane said...

(Here's hoping you get emails with new comments) When you sistered the metal studs to the existing, did you remove and redo the X supports between the joists? Or is the picture just playing tricks with my mind and the X supports are above the top of the metal studs?

Shane said...

Looks like I should have waited to ask that until the next post! You cut the studs to fit around the supports :)