Saturday, February 24, 2007

1st Floor Plumbing Complete

The last item before the finish work was started on the powder room was hooking up the plumbing. To gain better access in the wall I removed the drywall sheet in the dining room directly behind the sink and toilet. From this side of the wall I could run the water lines and drains while the wainscoting was already installed on the bath side, allowing for a nice clean install, just make the holes where I need them, poke the plumbing through and call it good.

I did learn a lesson when plumbing from the other side of the wall... the "hot" is now on the right and "cold" on the left... dumb ass! Of course I figured this out after I was finished and turned the faucet on, and of course this was the one time that I didn't have to redo any solder joints - Murphy was on the job once again.

I didn't spring for the nice antique style shut off valves, but you just can't have it all and have to prioritize where you splurge. But it still looks pretty good even if it's stuff from the big orange box store. I purchased a flush pipe for the toilet from DEA Bath (and almost had a stroke paying for it). This pipe cost almost as much as the toilet itself! The tank came with an original 2 inch outlet, but you just can't get that size anymore. The new pipe is 1 1/2". I tried to get a reducer, but plumbing threads were not standardized at all back then, so will not thread on the original connector. I will end up buying a new flush assembly with spud to connect to the flush pipe from DEA Bath - as soon as I see how The Petch House makes out getting his. Check out Greg's site for a comical story about these characters (I'm glad I'm not the one going through it), but unfortunately they're the only place you can get this assembly from. The water supply is a standard shut off valve and then a stainless line and fitting to the tank.

Also found a nice (will be) original oak medicine cabinet with beveled mirror and a porcelain sconce. This is as far as I've progressed so far in here, will be back in here when I make my lap spackling the first floor.

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Greg said...

Looking good, and just remember, if Tim answers, slam down the phone.