Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweating Along

It's been pretty consistent near or in the 90's for several weeks now, which making for slow progress. This side is just about wrapping up and I should hopefully have the scaffold down by the end of the week after some final painting. To finish the soffit, once again I had to add bracing between the rafter tails and add a nailer along the wall. I had one rafter end that was so bad it needed to be sistered on each side in order to support the soffit and crown fascia. Other than that it was more of the same.

I think after the front I may finish the front 3rd floor peak before moving to the last side. I got the 2 windows for the 3rd floor last week which came out really nice. I'll post some pics next time. This is the dude who made the pair for the foyer window seat. The other 5 dormer windows will be made next winter since I won't be tackling them till next year.


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

The work you're doing with the shingles looks really sharp.

mike & rachel said...