Sunday, August 24, 2008

Advanced Scaffold Building

Tuesday with the help of my buddy John, we managed to get the scaffolding built on top of the porch roof to access the 3rd floor front dormer. I played with a few ideas for the base, usually over complicating the matter...... but in the end, the adjustable feet had just enough to make it level. The upper feet I just used wedges. For the lower, I mounted to a 2x6 - which one edge rested on the roof and the other end was propped up with a 2x3. This made for a level base to fasten to. The bottom feet are also supported by 2x4's that run along the roof. I'll take a closeup later and add to this post. It's quite high up there for sure - but still not as bad as the chimney job!

All the woodwork up here has seen better days

Quite a view - about 45 feet from street level!

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Greg said...

That makes me nervous just looking at that. I had to do something similar, although not on quite that scale, at my last house. I was glad when it was all over.