Saturday, August 16, 2008

Next Section Preview

I managed to get up to the third floor section and strip some aluminum siding to reveal the original shingles. It should look unique when finished, I've never seen a front like it. I plan on building at least one level of scaffold across the porch roof to work on it which I'm still kicking around some ideas in my head for supporting it. I might do a second level in the middle, but after working on the ladder, I think I could use a step ladder to reach the middle no problem.The rest should all be within easy reach since the planks should end up just where the third floor starts.

The middle section is starting to take shape and hopefully a few more batches should get it completed.

Here are the two windows that will go in the third floor. All the dormers originally had these style windows and will eventually be done with reproductions of the original design. The craftsman that made the windows for the foyer window seat made these for me and did a heck of a job. This time at least he had a sample to work with, which was removed from the house and used to fill a busted window in the garage.

You can see the originals in a closeup from a picture taken around 1940. I still can't believe how lucky I was to find all the original photos I have - what a big help they've been!


Jayne said...

Wow--your house is gonna look great! I love the windows. Original photos are wonderful, aren't they?

Sandy said...

I love those windows!