Sunday, July 27, 2008

Side Two Finished

It's been a hot struggle with temps normally in the 90's - but the siding is now up on the second side of the house. Once I was above the roof line, installation was pretty routine. I ended up continuing around to the first window on the front of the house. That pretty much means the front is 1/3 done too.

I still have to do the soffit which needs some supports installed first and some rot damage repaired on the rafter tails. Then it will be a final paint on everything and I can finally wipe my hands of this side. I really need to take down the scaffolding soon so I can finish the landscaping....

Which lead me to the other project I've been dabbling at. I've been working on the landscaping on this side of the house as well. I bought a book for northeast plants and some landscaping ideas and eventually came up with a plan. I am by no means a garden expert, but i knew I didn't want just the same old plants you see every year at the local HD. The book was a big help in finding different plants that would work in our area and designing a layout that would have something in season all through the year. We'll see how it works out!
I found 44 blue stone pavers on craigslist so I could replace the concrete walk at a great price. I've also been rooting some plants I either found or were given to me and the rest either were bought locally or I picked up starter plant/seeds on EBAY. The mulch I get free from the township and the edging stone were free too. I get into more details of what's been planted when everything is finished....

The push to get this done now is because I have all kinds of plants started in pots that need to get rooted good in the ground before the cold comes. Other wise I will have to sink all the pots in the ground and dig them out in the spring.

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