Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Pics - And More Progress

As promised - a few more detailed pics of work written about in previous post.

The reproduction windows

New crown flares out starter course for 3rd story

New composite bead board sistered over original

Today I installed the drip edge and fitted the crown molding. It was a bit tough sneaking it under the shingles, but with the help of a pry bar I managed. The crown was another challenge working with 12 foot pieces by myself. I ended up cracking one before deciding to just temporarily screw in place to get fitted, then predrill and nail when it's all fitted in place. I'll just have to fill a few holes - no biggie. The crown really cleans up this section and now its ready for final paint. I do need to sneak in one more row just before the shingles run up the rafter. Checking my photos of the originals, they ran these rows closer to the transition than I thought.

Drip edge and crown installed along roof line


Omar said...

Holy crap that looks high off the ground! My hats off to you sir..

Larry said...

Man - you guys are doing a great job! I really like the color.

I'm dreading the small amount of fish-scale I have to do...I don't think I could have dealt with all those on your house!!