Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd Story Progress

This weekend with some help from John I managed to get a good jump on the 3rd floor work. While I started rebuilding the crown that flares out the shingles on this level, John removed the pair of replacement double hung windows and prepped for the installation of the reproduction set. With the crown rebuilt I added the starter course and finished papering the sheathing in prep for the siding.

Next the bead board had to be dealt with in the "inset" area. I decided to go with the same material I've been using to replace the soffit. On the inital vertical sections I just mounted them right over the original since the new pieces are only a 1/4 inch thick. Once it starts the 45 degree angle under the roof I nailed 1x3 boards to use as a nailer and this will let them sit flat since nails are popping through from the asphalt shingles above. The beadboard can't be installed here yet until I strip the front rafters.

Back on the windows, they were made almost dead on perfect and just had to be tweaked because the opening were a little out of square. Once installed and opening freely, the next day John fabricated a new sill to match the originals. This he made from the pine bases I replaced under the radiators on the first floor. Finally stops were added with built in weather stripping. Brass hardware is on backorder at the moment. There is still an issue of making a screen - but I'll get into that later.

Next day I started installing the shingles on the outer section, getting as far as running up the rafters. I was sure to document how the old timers made the transitions, since there was a bit of thought and a few shingle hanging tricks that went into them (using thinner pieces, cutting layers at certain spots, etc).

Today I got the nerve to do the upper peak. I had an eyelet mounted to a piece of angle that my dad made for his roof job, and I was able to mount that to the house just above the double windows. I hooked my lanyard to this from my body harness I have from work - giving me just a little security.... especially up on a step latter on the top section of scaffold! Next step will be rebuilding the trim along the roof line, then the outer section can be finished painted. I'll take some better and more detailed pics this week.

Outer shingles finished

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