Monday, July 2, 2007

Ready For Windows... Almost

The wood repairs are done on the outside of the foyer windows and one coat of paint. Outside is now ready for when I get the new windows. Inside however has an issue I haven't dealt with yet. The inside sill, especially on one side was really chewed/clawed by a PO or renter's dog. Some issues I cough up to 100 years of use and call it "character" or part of the house's history - but these are really bad and must be replaced. So begins the project in bringing back the inside woodwork and I get to start using some of my "new" toys.

The side pieces should come out pretty easy and then I can remove the sills and install replacements. I still need to get a router table and so I can make the beading detail that is common to all the sills in the house as well as on the seats, shelves, and other trim in the house. So looks like I will have to finally cash in my accumulated Sears gift cards I've been hoarding for a rainy day.

1 comment: said...

That sill looks pretty bad. I'd helped one of my brothers with window sills on his house and its a bunch of effort, but once you get started its not too bad. Good luck!