Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yep - Still Painting

I've mostly been working in the porch area of the house since the back is only shady in the mornings and I'm in night work mode right now. So I don't even have coffee time till about 1pm. I managed to sand down the the bead board that the PO installed on the porch and salvaged it which saved a good bit of work. I did have to replace the trim but no big deal there. Some primer and two coats later - what a difference.

I also did the insides of the bead board section which were left bare too. I painted these section the same green and this helped break up all the white of the porch. Things are looking much better up front now. I still have to sand down and finish the outside bead board on the back side of the porch, but this is in the sun so will get to it later. You can also see in the foreground I painted the railing tops the darker shade of green that the garage door will painted. I figured this will help tie things in better and change up the same green a bit which there will be a lot of. This will also be on the bands on each column and also on the frames of the lattice skirt under the porch.

Next I've staged scaffolding on the front steps to do the pitched roof detail that sits on the main porch roof (I'm sure it has a fancy architectural term for it - but I don't know it). The PO redid this with scalloped vinyl and looked OK, but I have to go the extra effort and tear this down and do cedar as was original. The crown detail was doubled up when they redid this and the scale is way off for the structure. Fortunately with the old pics I can restore this all back to original - or at least very close. I'm sure some neighbors think I've lost my mind watching me tearing apart one of the few things on the house that was already "finished" by the PO!

The layers of vinyl, plywood, and shims are removed yielding the original cedar shakes. The original crown is long gone. Below you can see part of this structure from a photo of Marian and Sarah Hall taken around 1936

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Wow, great work!