Sunday, July 15, 2007

North By Northwest

That's what I finally finished painting today. Plus the kitchen window is finished with paint, so this side of the house is done minus porch work.

I started setting up to work on the front porch (always have at least one project in the shade available!). Here the bead board and trim was replaced by the PO but never was painted. The trim is finger jointed pine and coming apart and the bead board is really dried out and low grade with plenty of knots. I may try to sand it down some and see how it comes up, but I may just replace it so I can all the tongues/grooves primed to hopefully add some longevity to the paint job. Still working on the south side of the back and then will do the back wall. There's still a bunch of tedious caulking to do on the siding - what fun.

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But it is looking better!