Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Porch Gable Progress

I finished stripping down the original cedar shingle siding on the gable over the front steps of the porch. Once down to the sheathing I could see some nesting remnants inside so I pulled one of the planks off and found one monster of a nest from who knows when - a couple square feet worth. I pulled it out for good measure and replaced the sheathing, then it was time to fix the hidden issues. You can certainly cover a lot of sins with vinyl unfortunately. Apparently neither flashing nor tar paper for that matter was installed under the row of shingles in front of the gable. Plus originally it just saw paint instead of tin roofing so it was in not the best condition. But it wasn't too far gone so I left in place verses the headache it would have been to replace it. I added some galvanized flashing, then everything got a layer of 30# tar paper I had laying around. On top of that I laid a roll of roofing starter strip and then was ready to the starter coarse for new cedar shingles.

closeup of starter row and bead board soffet

Next came some new bead board that I mounted under the original soffet - which were just the gable roof sheathing planks that were exposed with a coat of paint. The new bead board made this look a bit better than what was original, plus the planks were not in the best of condition after 100 years. Before I could install any siding I had to prime another batch of shingles. The siding installation was almost as tedious due to the many angle cuts to be made, but the end result is looking quite good.

I managed to squeeze in a morning on the back of the house when it's shady and did the first coat on the remaining siding - Let there be GREEN! What a difference a little color makes....

Tomorrow I pick up the foyer windows. I got a sneak peak pic and they look perfect.

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