Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dodging the Sun

The sun and I play a little game throughout the day.... I work in the shade on the driveway side of the house till the sun finds me. Then to the other side that is now shady until once again in the evening the driveway side is shady again. So I've been working between prepping and installing the kitchen window and continuing the foyer window project. The kitchen window was the largest of the new Pella's I ordered and a little more than I wanted to man-handle myself, so I stripped just enough around the opening since I was gonna have some help for a few hours. This time I prepped and added the top filler piece as usual due to the miscommunication in sizing - yet this time the oddball window was dead on what it was supposed to be??! So I had to remove the filler piece and then finally got the window in. It's mounted, caulked and ready for the rest of the outside woodwork to be stripped/primed/painted and that will wrap up the new windows on the first floor.

The foyer window project continues and I FINALLY finished stripping the paint tonight - what a lot of work that was. The next few days I should get the repairs done to the wood and get everything in primer. The tin roof you can see is done with two coats of Tinner's Alkyd Red roof/gutter paint made by Gateway Paints. This is the closest you can find to the old red lead paints used on metal roofs back in the day. I'm happy with the results so far and eagerly await for the windows to be finished so I can pick them up in Cape May and get them installed - what a difference they will make.

I won the jointer on EBAY and should hopefully pick that up this week. Now I have enough tooling to at least start making the main 1x6 pieces for the baseboards.

2 comments: said...

The joiner I was bidding on too??? I seeeeeeee! Haha. J/K Nice work, thanks for the update and pics.

mike & rachel said...

Fortunately no competition on this jointer, so got it cheap!!