Friday, July 27, 2007

First Wood Shop Assignment - New Sills

The first creation from my new wood shop was making new interior sills for the foyer windows that were lovingly made into a chew toy by a PO's dog. My first step was taking some basic measurements of the sills so that I could make an oak board to cut them from. From my red oak pile I planed down a board to 1 inch thick and then joined the edges. Even though I am making two sills - I made one large board to cut from so that they would be guaranteed the same dimensions rather than make a board for each sill. My new board ended up about half an inch narrower than the original 6 inch deep sill - but would still work no problem. Next I cut this board in half - one for each window. Then I needed to make the edge bead detail that is on much of the woodwork (that's left!) in the house. I used a router table with an 1/8 inch edge bead bit and ran the boards through.

old and new left sill

After removing the sides of the window jamb, I was able to remove the old sills so they could be traced onto the new boards and cut out. They turned out pretty good. Next time will show the windows and sills installed.

closeup showing edge bead detail

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