Sunday, June 17, 2007

Almost A Shop

The garage is finally powered up, even though I ran 125 feet of wire and of course ended up 3 feet short - never fails. I have a 40 amp sub-panel with a lighting circuit, a 20 amp outlet circuit and a 20 amp 220v outlet circuit. I sleeved the wiring in conduit along the stone walls so they should be well protected. I installed 3 cold weather fluorescents which I haven't had a chance to use at night to see if it's going to be enough lighting.

The outside lights are wired through a photocell mounted in the LB cover feeding the main power into the garage and this is working great. These lights are restored cast iron fixtures found on EBAY - amazingly at different times yet they are a prefect match!

The shop is now about ready. Here is the latest addition to the tool collection - a Craftsman scroll saw probably from the 1950's with a 24 inch throat. This sucker really ways a ton. And the winning bid - $15.00... a real deal! I bought this with the sole purpose of cutting out the reproduced dining room window seat, but I'm sure I'll find many other uses.

The butler stairs window is about done too. Finally finished glazing and now just need to prepare the jamb and install. I hope it's the last window I have to glaze cause I just can't master this art. Maybe big square panes are easier, but these little triangle and diamonds are tedious and just don't come out as nice as I would like. But I guess from afar they won't look to bad.

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