Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Ready For Foyer Windows

Hopefully in a few more weeks I should have the foyer windows that are being custom made from original pics of the house. He's been held up a bit finishing up a Showcase House project in Cape May. In the meantime I removed the other aluminum double hung window and started the fun filled project of stripping paint. I'm about half way done at this point. There will be some damage to deal with and then everything will get painted up and ready for the window install. The roof I decided to deal with as well while I was working in this area. There was a layer of asphalt shingles nailed to the old tin roof that were probably done in 1971 during the apartment conversion (destruction) - and these were shot. The roof was in surprisingly good shape and all I really needed to do was fill the nail holes and some separations from the wall, then do a thorough scrape job. I finished up with a good coat of Rustoleum primer and today ordered some tinner's red oxide paint... this is the red paint you see on old metal roofs and evidence of it was on this roof. Apparently once very easy to get in your local hardware store, it now took some serious googling to find a supplier - and not have to buy in mass quantity. I only need half a quart at best.

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