Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Big Dig

Last few days have been spent digging the path too run electric to the garage. It's about an 80 foot run to the house and includes running under the driveway and a sidewalk - and this was the easiest route! I'm running 8-3 able which will give me 40 amps to the garage (knocked down one notch due to the long distance). The run will be inside 3/4 PVC conduit except for under the driveway. To get across the driveway I dug a shallow hole at one side and about 30 inches down on the other. I drove a 3/4 black iron pipe at as slight a slope as possible with a cap on the end so it would not fill with dirt. A 10 foot pipe just made it across and I ended up at the bottom of my deep hole. For the sidewalk I drove a pipe and was able to pull it back out and run the PVC through the hole made by the pipe, so the only break in the piping will be at the driveway. I end up under the porch where an existing hole was made to run porch outlets. The cable is halfway pulled now and then I'll need to wire up the garage and I'll finally have a real shop to work in, and not the first floor of the house or the yard.

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