Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shingle Siding Finished

My order of shingles finally came in (1 square this time) and back to the clothesline priming and painting and hanging to dry.... and the neighbors still shake their heads in amusement. I finally was able to finish the dining room and for my first shingle siding job, it came out pretty good, especially for not being just a flat wall. I finished off with a piece of trim at the top and now this wall is ready for final paint.

While I was in the groove, I went and did the 2 rows under the foyer window as well. I left the under course in place this time since they were in OK condition. I just laid some tar paper over top and added the new shingles. Just need to strip the rest of the window, prime, paint, and await the new windows being made - this should really turn out well and be a nice focal point for this side of the house. Only shingles left to replace on the first floor is on the little porch peak and I may do the garage front this year.


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Tarr said...

Very pleasing to the eye.