Saturday, May 19, 2007

Waiting For Shingles (and more discoveries)

I installed the starter courses for the dining room wall. These are low (D) grade white cedar and get overlapped by the first exposed course of higher grade shingles. I ordered some that should be here this week. I will have to prime them first and then install.

Since Thursday I've been working on the back roof project - and like the old saying goes - what you plan on doing and what you find are always two different things. I'm too whooped to go onto it yet, but let's just say three layers of roof and lots of rot to deal with. It looks like there will be a happy ending though thanks to my buddy John lending a needed hand and ideas - it's just about done and really looks good now.

what's under here??

While removing the bottom courses of cedar shingles tonight where the roof meets the main house in order to start flashing the new roof - I uncovered these goodies. It's a John Wanamaker box lid with L. N. Hall and the house address plus a sheet from Philadelphia Public Ledger - Dec. 26, 1917. I suppose Norris must have had to do a patch job on the siding to fix a leak and the box top was from a Christmas present he gave to Lulu that he decided to shove in there with a newspaper for me to find 90 years later.....

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