Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Little Of This - Little Of That

I've been hitting the house on several fronts right now. I continued the dining room windows getting the side stops in and caulking everything up. When the sun got strong in this side, I would jump to the other and work on stripping the side parlor window. Tonight I was able to finish that, so now it's ready for some sanding, filling and priming. Then the new window can go in. Back on the dining room side I primed all sides of the new bead board for the soffet under the overhang that's above the dining room bowed wall. I laid out the old boards I took down (in pretty bad shape) and used them to trace the curved cut out onto the new ones. This worked pretty well and getting the new soffet ended up not to be much of a challenge. All this needs now is a little caulking and painting when the rest of this wall gets done.

new bead board soffet

This afternoon I helped my buddy John make a lumber run with my truck and frame out a deck at his girlfriends house. This is another foursquare about the same age as the Hall house except brick construction. What's cool about this place is that it's pretty much untouched and has some impressive original woodwork in original finish and leaded glass work.

Also added a few more paint samples for outside. We finally have settled on a color - it's the middle one in the pic. It's called "Field of Pines" - made by Valspar. This will be the body color in flat, then trimmed out in standard semi-gloss white. This should look good with the stonework. The green will also be used to accent the mostly white porch. I'm debating using a dark red just on the window sills to add a little "something", but I might just keep things simple. We'll see.

This should be pretty much it till next week - I work all weekend and then going to Cape May for three days staying at a restored B&B. Cape May is a really neat town, like stepping back in time. Should definitely get a little needed inspiration (and even some relaxing time!)

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