Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dining Room Wall Con't...

Another full day spent on the outside wall of the dining room and things are starting to take shape. After a morning of applying and sanding filler in the bad spots and nail holes - the afternoon was spent getting a coat of primer on all the woodwork. Next I made up some flashing for where the siding meets the sill piece - the original rusted through pretty bad. Then I covered the siding with tar paper which is now ready for new shakes. I still need to add the side window stops, do all the caulking, touch up a few bad spots with more filler, and then will be ready for paint.

While waiting for the filler to dry, I removed the capping from the windows on the kitchen/parlor side of the house. Looks like this won't be as bad as I thought to strip - pretty well dried out and flaking off like the dining room side. I figured this was the shady side and would be a bit more intact. So hopefully I'll be changing out these windows sooner than I thought.

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